Sava Čvek

Byzantine History - Constantinople

Constantinople, center of trade between East and West

The study of commerce and trade, Silk Road 515AD and new Silk Road 2015

Constantinople was renowned for its merchants and trade that far surpassed other civilizations of its time. For centuries, Constantinople was a center of world trade between West and East and it had highly develop system of finance to support trade of goods and services with numerous different states reaching Venetians and Francs in the West of Europe and India and China in the Far East. For hundreds of years Byzantine Imperial Coins provided security in commerce and trade from the 5th to the 10th centuries. The Byzantine Empire was based on the Law and very defined social and economic structure and highly regulated state affairs that provided a long and enormously successful political and economic development that lasted for over nine centuries.

Constantinople is a story of enormous wealth and power created by trade and commerce setting out foundations and development reaching out to international trade and commerce in todays global economy.

Sava Čvek