Investment Partnership

SCA is continuously focused on helping our clients develop superior products, create a market leading position, grow sales and increase profitability. SCA’s successful product development is a result of Original Design Manufacturing Management (ODMM) Business Model.

Duplicating a part of a product or a making a simple component for a lower cost is a basic form of sourcing. It involves a basic level of effort and it has a very simple form of responsibilities and relationship with a source producing such part.

In contrast, if you engage in making a more complex product that will involve multiple producers, it will require more complex production planning and such a relationship will involve number of factors that must be governed in both short and long term bases. This production and industrial relationship will develop a number of complexities that will need careful organization to create and to provide expected results.

To be successful, Industrial Development is governed by factors that are founded on a long term planning. Industrial Development is a long term activity and to achieve desired goals and results requires implementation of a long term decisions and organizational skills. Otherwise, it will not bring expected results if approached on a short term bases.

Products that combine and require high level of manufacturing equipment, technology know how, engineering, green environment, high quality standards, continuous innovation, marketing consideration, careful pricing and competitiveness are all part of a long term Industrial Development, long term investments, alliance partnerships, careful planning and a long term sustainable strategy.

ODMM is a Business and Management Model created to help you understand this complexity and to successfully manage multi level sourcing and demanding industrial production in order to achieve profitability and a successful outcome.

To successfully accomplish and manage production through sourcing relationship ODMM Business Model helps to create a road map and helps to understand numerous elements that start with a few simple points and later become a very complex and multi-independent set of conditions. If not properly understood and governed from the beginning it will create a position of disadvantage, lost opportunities and lack of profitability.

The very goal and what ODMM Business Management Model wants to achieve is to put you in a most adventitious position in the long chain of development complexity this kind of industrial activity will bring about. ODMM Business Management Model was developed to protect your company’s investment in alliance partnership activities of product development in a modern Industrial Age of Knowledge Base Economy.