Equipoise Arm Technology + Workplace Illumination
  • Design, Engineering and production of custom made and ready to sell components or complete products
  • Ready to use single and double SC2 Parallel motion spring balance arms for support of LED, Fluorescent, Halogen, Magnification and QC optical illumination products
  • Ready to use single SC3 spring balanced arm for support of LED, PL and Halogen products
  • Ready to use single and double gooseneck arms for a variety of illumination and examination products
  • Ready to use mounting options for support arms, desk bases, edge clamps, zero space clamps, office panel mounts, office slot walls, accessory rails and floor column applications
  • Proprietary application technology supported by patented diffuser lenses for application in office, medical and industrial work environments.
  • Energy saving and green lighting technology supported by ambient and motion sensor control devises
  • Custom and ready to use optical lenses for application in medical, examination, and QC applications