About SCA

SCA’s biggest value in product development is Creativity and Innovation supported by competency in Design, Engineering and Manufacturing Management.

Leveraging SCA’s capabilities enables our clients to bring to market the most innovative, competitive and functional product using a cost efficient investment model. We offer concurrent engineering principles, established global partnership networks, and patented manufacturing know how and production technologies that bring a product from the concept phase to final production quickly and efficiently. Collaborative product development results in savings for our clients so they can utilize those funds for product development, marketing, and sales.

SCA continuously works on developing the newest product ideas through research and development of new technology and manufacturing know how with a goal to keep our clients consistently ahead of the competition.

Today, successful companies are using dynamic business models with main focus on branding, innovation, and marketing to create the highest competitive advantage. SCA is a key asset for our customers in creating the most innovative design products and finding the most efficient way to help to transform such ideas into a successful product.

The SCA Original Design Manufacturing Management (ODMM) Business Model strengthens product development by combining research and development, design, engineering, and manufacturing management. Our model utilizes unique sourcing capabilities and know how to bring together the latest in production and assembly technology with the most advanced materials, resulting in a superior product that stands above our client’s competition.

Good products are made every day, but a great product is hard to come by.

Sava Čvek, President, SCA Development International Inc.